We're all longing to love and be loved!


Overcoming barriers to intimacy

At core, we each long to be wanted!  Long to be desired by one whom we find desirable. Long to love and be loved.  We want this from God, but we also especially want this with our spouse. But something tends to get in the way, which leaves us with this internal unmet longing – which cries out to be satisfied.  During this presentation we will explore God’s beautiful relational design; what gets in the way; and how spouses can de-escalate the cycles that keep them distant and move to deeper bonding.


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Founder & Director

Bruce Marler

I have a passion for relationships especially relationships with a deep heart level connection. I truly love working with couples to improve their relationships and take them to a place of deep emotional intimacy. I have undergone extensive training in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, an empirically validated form of couples therapy. I am passionate about EFT and helping couples to develop and strengthen strong and lasting emotional bonds and closeness.

I specialize solely on couples and helping couples repair their relationship and establish deep and strong bonding.  I take on individual clients when part of their focus is the restoration or strengthening of their main partner relationship – typically the couple will be working with another EFT therapist.

I graduated from Colorado Christian University in 1996 with a Masters degree in counseling and then followed that with EFT training from the Colorado Center for EFT.