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Founder & Director

Bruce Marler

I have a passion for relationships especially relationships with a deep heart level connection. I truly love working with couples to improve their relationships and take them to a place of deep emotional intimacy. I have undergone extensive training in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, an empirically validated form of couples therapy. I am passionate about EFT and helping couples to develop closeness through strong and lasting emotional bonds.

I specialize solely on couples and helping couples repair their relationship and establish deep and strong bonds.  I take on individual clients when part of their focus is the restoration or strengthening of a key relationship – typically the couple will be working with another EFT therapist.

I graduated from Colorado Christian University in 1996 with a Masters degree in counseling and then followed that with EFT training from the Colorado Center for EFT.


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50 minute session: $80
90 minute session: $120

We are private pay only, which means that we do not bill insurance. We can generate a super-bill for you which you can submit to your insurance company.

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