Trauma Recovery

Is one of you recovering from a trauma?


It all started when...Recovering from Trauma

Many couples have one or more partners who are survivors of a trauma injury.


Recovering from a personal trauma can be a long and challenging road. Research has shown that the presence of a stable and loving bond with ones partner can be a substantial  help to the survivor’s healing from Trauma. Emotionally Focused Therapy can stabilize the relationship so that it can provide a secure base, a platform for the survivor to begin to touch and come to terms with the traumatic experience. This then provides hope that enables survivors to move to deeper levels of healing than can be provided with individual therapy alone. 

In cases where the trauma was perpetuated by attachment figures, the lack of any kind of attachment security and the ongoing relational distress can actively perpetuate the effects of the trauma, and the effects of trauma perpetuate the relational distress. In this case trauma renders the need for safe attachment urgent, and, at the same time, frames attachment relationships as direct sources of danger. To the couple there seems to be no exit or respite. 


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