Is divorce an option?

Does the hurt and distance seem insurmountable?


You've reached the end of the road...

Is Divorce the Only Option?


So often the hurt and pain and distance seem insurmountable – makes it seem so hopeless! So often, it seems like that love that may have once been there is gone and has been gone for so long that the thought of recovering it seems beyond ridiculous. It seems ludicrous. Or it is so bad that one can’t even remember if one was ever in-love!

Even in these situations, the ludicrous can be achieved with Emotionally Focused Therapy. The biggest obstacle for the couple most often is believing that this is truly the case – believing it enough to travel the often long-road of therapy to healing and re-birth of love for each other in a safe environment. 

But the gains are huge if this can be accomplished – they ripple out in deep ways to ones children and grand-children. Attachment theory, which EFT is based on, tells us that the security of a child’s parental relationships during those early formative years impact their internal security and determine whether they enter adulthood with a secure, anxious or avoidant style of attachment. As foreign as this may sound, a couple’s long-standing dysfunctional patterns of relating can actually form a wonderful learning ground for learning how to love and relate in a healthy loving fashion and thereby provide the deep security that children need.

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